Over The Rainbow

Samnouska Dancing In Time


Belle - Samnouska Dancing In Time, was only with us for a short time but she really left a huge whole in my heart when she passed away so suddenly in my arms. Belle was a very beautiful, happy, healthy lovely puppy that immediately fit into our family. She learnt commands within days of being with us as she was very bright & clearly enjoyed learning through play new commands such as sit & lay down. Belle was only just over 10 weeks old when she passed away, it devastated our household & still is hard to think of her. But Belle was & still is loved to the moon & back. She will never be forgotten. 

we wish she could have grown up to be the stunning girl we know she was to be but we are so glad we had a few weeks of happiness, joy & love; that her final days were beautiful and she enjoyed & played through every minute of them.

Forever Loved, Never Forgotten