Samhaven Frozen In Time At Wintertide


Beau has a lovely personality & is very playful; a typical samoyed with a beautiful sammy smile.

He is such a huge part of our family.

Beau is my 1st show dog & i couldn't really ask for more. He is silly, funny, clumsy & so much more all rolled into one. 

When we are at a show Beau is noisy! He prefers to sit on top of his crate watching the dogs & people walk by, but when he is in his crate he lays down with the door open again watching what is going on around him while he relaxes. When he's in the ring he moves beautifully & stands great if he feels that it's a day that he would like to behave & show. Otherwise he prefers to lay down in the ring & be the playful silly pup he is. 

At home he's quiet with such a sweet loving personality; Also loves having cuddles too. I can't really ask for more from Beau, he is so gentle with a lovely temperament. Beau is most definitely my special boy.