About Us


A big hello from all of us at Wintertide Samoyeds, we are a family that has fallen in love with the Samoyed breed. We've owned samoyeds for a number of years & wouldn't be without them.


In 2013, we decided to get another dog, we had gone about 10 years with out one! We had 2 young children & thought it would be great for them to grow up with a pet so we started looking. We didn't really have to discuss or choose the breed we wanted we just looked straight at the Samoyed. They are so special & they're just perfect for us. So we took months to research & refresh our memories about the breed {there's so much to know & always more} then saw a stunning male sammy on TV. We were watching Crufts 2014. A beautiful samoyed {i will leave you to look him up} had won Best Of Breed & then went on to get reserve best in show! We knew right then we would love a puppy sired by this boy, he is literally our vision of the perfect samoyed. I started doing research into who was due litters or planning litters. We contacted a few Kennel Club assured breeders, putting our names down on their waiting lists. Then came across Beau's breeder, coincidentally she had just bred her girl with the male we love, the week before i contacted her! A few weeks later we got an exciting email that 6 beautiful puppies had been born & we were welcome to have a male if we were still interested! We were all so excited, in only 8 weeks we would have a little ball of fluff. Looking more into samoyeds i came across information about showing them. I thought i would give that a go as a hobby & so thats how we came to get our boy Beau, my 1st show dog & back into owning this stunning breed.

Ive been showing since early 2015 & It's flown by. There has been some major highs & lows but its a really great hobby & hope to many years more.

Now Jynx has started showing too, she is such a confident little girly & enjoys every second in the show ring.

There is lots more information on Beau & Jynx throughout our site have a look around, hopefully you'll find everything you would like to know. If you would like any other information please email us using the contact tab & we will get back to you ASAP.